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Caregiver Appreciation Day

To show our appreciation, we will be hosting a Caregiver Appreciation Day on the 1st Friday of each month from 9-11 am.

  • Enjoy drinks & snacks
  • Visit with admin staff and other caregivers
  • Pick up your schedule & get additional hours
  • Caregiver of the Month awards
  • Caregivers who have worked their first 100 & 200 hour awards
  • Bring a friend to apply and be entered into a drawing to win exciting prizes

The first Caregiver Appreciation Day will be on Friday, August 2nd. We look forward to spending time with you!


We are excited to announce that the ClearCareGo app is live for iOS and Android devices! The ClearCareGo app will allow you to:

  • Log into the app via fingerprint scan
  • Easily log your mileage for transportation services
  • Uses location services to optimize you and your clients’ safety

Google Play      Apple Store

Sandata MVV

Sandata MVV is a mobile solution for visit verification and plan of care. The app is designed for home health care workers (caregivers) to view their schedule and inform Sandata when a home health care visit begins, ends, what services were rendered and if there are any notes from the home health care worker.

The caregiver has the ability to start the visit, indicate that they have performed the plan of care send a note and complete the visit.


Google Play      Apple Store

Amerigroup EVV Tennessee

Amerigroup EVV Tennessee by Healthstar is a utility app for caregivers to providers their visits and prepare them for billing through the Amerigroup EVV Healthstar website. Using this app, you can check in and out of your scheduled visits.

Google Play      Apple Store


UnitedHealthcare EVV Tennessee

UnitedHealthcare EVV Tennessee by Healthstar is a utility app for providers to verify their visits and prepare them for billing through the UnitedHealthcare EVV Healthstar website. Using this app, you can check in and out of their scheduled visits.

United Health Care

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“I am honored to say I work for Senior Solutions! Dena Poitier, Cookeville Manager, is wonderful and dedicated! Dena, Debbie Gaskins, and Anna Richards were so welcoming and friendly!” – Frances Ahmen

Frances Ahmen

“Senior Solutions is a wonderful place of employment. I’ve only been with the company for a short time. The atmosphere is more of a family feel than a job. I recommend this company strongly if looking for a great employment opportunity or if looking for a great company for caregiving services.” – Margie Draper

Margie Draper

“This is one of the best places I have ever worked at! The office staff is so friendly & helpful. It’s a great feeling to work someplace where you know management truly cares about its employees” – Shannon Naylor

Shannon Naylor

Congratulations to our Caregivers of the Month!

At Senior Solutions Home Care, our caregivers are our most important asset. They are motivated by caring for their clients and by making positive changes in their lives. We appreciate all of our caregivers and the work that they do every day!