Home Safety

Keeping your loved one safe and healthy while they age gracefully in their own home is paramount. The best way to prevent accidents is to review potential hazards before they result in injury. Senior Solutions Home Care will provide a thorough assessment of a patient’s home, inside and out, and flag issues so loved ones can address these and create an ideal environment for aging seniors. Injury can severely impact mobility and quality of life, so make sure to ask your Senior Solutions contact about this free service.

The “Family Room”

The family room is traditionally a place family members gather to talk. At Senior Solutions Home Care we offer a virtual “Family Room” where loved ones can all communicate in one centralized app about patient care. Members can view schedules, see care and safety recommendations, and more. This app opens a direct line of communication between caregiver, patient, and their loved ones. Keeping your family members safe and healthy is now more efficient than ever!

Employee Screening

You can’t be there all the time to take care of your loved one, so a caregiver is necessary for seniors that choose to stay in their home. You will need someone you can trust. They will be in your loved one’s home and they will be a major point of contact for their care plan. You only want the best, and our employee screening process guarantees just that. We only hire those we know will be dedicated to exemplary care, and we thoroughly check their backgrounds. You can rest assured your loved one is in the hands of a professional and friend.

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Connect With Our Experts In Care Today!

As you or your loved one adjusts to senior living, know that you are never alone. Senior Solutions Home Care is committed to finding only the best solutions to suit your needs, whether that be through a home care, assisted living, or more specialized care plan. Let us be your shoulder to lean on, as we provide honest advice that pertains to your unique needs and budget during this delicate time of transition.