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Home Care Jobs in Nashville with Senior Solutions
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Home Care Jobs in Nashville with Senior Solutions

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Home Care Jobs in Nashville with Senior Solutions


Home Care Jobs in Nashville with Senior Solutions



Employee Updates

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates:

Visit our Coronavirus page for important documentation and other helpful tips for caregivers, clients, and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic! 

Home Care Jobs in Nashville with Senior Solutions

WellSky / WSPC App

Take Us Wherever You Go​! We are excited to announce that the WellSky Through Paylocity app is live for iOS and Android devices!


  • You can view your past and future schedules
  • Get directions to your clients with Apple and Google Maps
  • Access client information such as address and plan of care
  • Clock in and out for shifts
  • Update completed tasks in real time
  • Using your own app, you can speed up your check in and check out time
  • You have 24/7 access to your schedules
  • You can request time off in the app
  • You can log any transportation that you may complete for a client

BlueCare/Sandata Mobile Connect

Company Rollout

We’re excited to announce the rollout of the new Sandata Mobile Connect app—your all-in-one communication tool for clocking in and out of BlueCare visits. You will need to download this app prior to April 1.

Starting April 1, you will use this new app to clock in and out using your existing login information. The new app behaves differently! You will not be able to simply update the existing app or use it any longer. So we encourage each of you to begin downloading the new one – sooner rather than later – so you can begin reaping all of the app’s benefits.

To get started:

Download the appropriate Sandata Mobile Connect app for your devices: 

 Having technical difficulties? Please contact your local office.

CareBridge TN PCS

There is now a single mobile application for caregivers. This single application replaces the Amerigroup and UnitedHealthcare EVV mobile applications for TN PCS EVV services.

  • Caregivers will use their existing username, password, and security image.
  • Caregivers will select payer and their provider agency inside the application.
  • The workflow remains the same:
    • Login
    • Check In
    • Check Out
    • Task Codes
    • Care Notes
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New Hire Forms

Caregiver Spotlight

At Senior Solutions Home Care, our caregivers are our most important asset. They are motivated by caring for their clients and making positive changes in their lives. We appreciate all of our caregivers and the work that they do every day!

Gabrielle Franklin

How long have you worked at Senior Solutions?
Over a year.
What’s your favorite part about being a caregiver?
To see a smile on my clients face when I arrive.
What advice would you have for a new caregiver?
Patience and Caring.
Anything else you want us to know?
I love my job and so thankful and truly blessed to have this opportunity to do what I love to do is taking care of others.

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