Senior Transportation Services

Is your loved one suffering from a chronic illness or injury that makes it difficult for them to drive? Perhaps their memory and reaction time isn’t what it once was? Does driving make them nervous (or make you nervous)? Senior Solutions Transportation is here to help them get where they want to go!

Senior Transportation Services in Nashville by Senior Solutions

Providing Senior Transportation Services in Nashville, Davidson, Williamson, Maury, Rutherford, Wilson, and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to provide superior, non-emergency medical transportation and care so seniors can continue their daily routines and involvement in their community, and our drivers are trained to transport and assist our clients to any form of medical treatment, appointment, or other scheduled event.

Our room-to-room service, compassionate drivers, and dedicated caregivers are there for your loved one every step of the way, no matter the distance. Call ahead to secure a ride for your loved one today!

How it Works

We’ll pick you up, we’ll get you to your destination, and we’ll take you safely back home.

  • Step 1: Call or book online. Call or fill out our online reservation form at least 24 hours in advance. We’ll call you back if we need more information!
  • Step 2: We are on our way. On the day and time of your transport, we will come to pick you up and assist you with getting into our vehicle.
  • Step 3: Drop off & wait*. We will drop you off at your location, *but can stay during your appointment by special request if needed.
  • Step 4: We pick you up. We will pick you up in the predetermined pickup area as quickly as we can when you’re ready to go!

Our Drivers Are:

  • Non Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commision (NEMTAC) Trained and Certified
  • Equipped with personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies
  • Prepared to assist seniors with walkers, wheelchairs, and mobility needs
  • CPR certified
  • Trained to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and kindness
  • Dedicated, Determined, and Dependable

Our Vehicles Are:

  • Accessible and designed to secure our clients, as well as their walkers and wheelchairs
  • Coated with a PermaSafe protective microbial coating that protects against up to 99.999% of germs
  • Equipped with an inside and outside camera to monitor driver safety
  • GPS monitored
  • Updated, Well-maintained models in excellent driving condition
  • Equipped with specialty-operated wheelchair lifts & 8 point safety system
  • Able to accommodate 1 wheelchair & 2 riders
  • Some vehicles are able to accommodate 2 wheelchairs and 1 rider
  • Equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher
  • Fully ADA compliant

At Senior Solutions, we have refined our management skills and developed high standards to ensure the best care for our clients and their families. Find out what makes us different.

How Do Senior Transportation Services Help Seniors

  • Senior care transportation offers much more than just a ride: it provides companionship and assurance that someone is looking out for them. 
  • Drivers are trained in safety procedures, first aid, and in providing assistance with wheelchair use, if needed. 
  • They offer door-to-door service to ensure the senior’s maximum comfort. 
  • Moreover, they often provide escort services from the car to the destination and back again if desired.

Senior transportation services give seniors an opportunity to maintain control over their lives even when faced with physical limitations or health concerns. It allows them to remain active participants in life by providing access to places they wish to go while allowing them to keep their independence. With this service, seniors can stay engaged with their communities, living life the way they choose while feeling secure knowing they have a reliable connection each time they need it.

What Are The Indicators That A Senior Should No Longer Be Driving

Determining when a senior should no longer be driving is an important consideration for family caregivers. It is often difficult to assess when a senior’s driver’s license should be revoked; however, there are some indicators that can help make this decision. Senior care transportation services can provide helpful support during this transition period, allowing seniors to maintain their independence and remain in their homes.

  • First and foremost, age alone is not the determining factor when it comes to evaluating a senior’s ability to drive safely. A variety of medical conditions or cognitive impairments may also impact driving ability. 
  • Seniors experiencing vision loss or physical weakness may no longer have the capacity to react quickly behind the wheel. 
  • Similarly, those with dementia or Alzheimer’s may become confused or disoriented while driving, putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

In addition to chronic health conditions, family caregivers should look out for signs that the senior is having trouble driving safely.

A few examples include: 

  • getting lost in familiar areas, 
  • difficulty responding to traffic signals and road signs, 
  • frequent lane drifting or tailgating other cars on the road.

If any of these behaviors occur frequently, it is important for family caregivers to intervene and consider alternative forms of transportation like senior care transportation services.

Our caregivers

Available for long or short-term care, our caregivers are required to receive ongoing skills training, and have all passed both state and national background checks.

Book Transportation:

Senior Transportation Services Helps Seniors Stay Independent And Age In Place

Most seniors want to stay independent and age in place, but getting around can often be a challenge. Senior transportation services are an invaluable resource for the elderly, providing them with the ability to maintain their independence and enjoy life to its fullest. For many seniors, these services are a lifeline that allows them to remain active and engaged in their communities.

As seniors get older it can become difficult for them to keep up with their daily routines. They may not be able to drive or use public transportation due to physical limitations, or they may simply not feel safe taking public transportation by themselves. Senior transportation services provide an answer for those who need assistance getting around town safely and efficiently.

From door-to-door service to group outings, senior transportation provides an array of options that can help seniors stay connected with friends and family while remaining independent at the same time. Whether they’re visiting a doctor’s office or attending church services, senior transportation services offer peace of mind and convenience when traveling alone is no longer an option.

We offer a variety of solutions and services—all customized to your specific wants and needs! We’re here to serve your family with comprehensive care so you don’t have to navigate the challenges of aging alone.

How Do Senior Transportation Services Help Family Caregivers

Family caregivers often feel overwhelmed while caring for their aging loved ones. Senior transportation services can help alleviate this and make life easier for the entire family. These services provide a safe and reliable way for elderly individuals to get where they need to go and remain independent.

Caregivers will also benefit from these services as they can rest easy knowing that their loved one is in capable hands with trained personnel who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of all passengers. 

This peace of mind allows family caregivers to focus on other tasks such as completing errands or tending to personal matters without worrying about how their elderly relative will get around town safely and securely.

By utilizing senior transportation services, families are able to provide much-needed support for aging relatives while also receiving assistance themselves – allowing them to give the best possible care for their loved ones.

Introducing the Broda® Synthesis Transport Wheelchair

Achieve the fullest degree of mobility and freedom with the Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair with the WC19 Package. This wheelchair is certified with the highest standard of vehicle safety and features the fullest range of positioning features. It’s crash tested and infinitely adjustable to keep you safe and comfortable at home or on the road.
Safer –
This NO-Lift wheelchair is safer and is WC-19 Compliant. This means our Chair has been crash tested and rated and is designed to transport clients in a NEMT Vehicle Safely.  The reclining and tilt-in-space capabilities and the built-in harness of this one-of-a-kind chair prevents clients from sliding or falling, the way they do in standard NON – Crash tested wheelchairs. 
Lateral Transfers – 
Bob Brody (No- Lift Wheelchair) uses a unique lateral transfer technique that allows us to safely handle wheelchair and gurney clients. 
More Comfort –    
Clients conform to the ergonomic padding and the adjustable positions ensuring comfort in both short and long trips.
Savings –
We recognize the high price of a gurney trip and would like to offer an alternative.  Even though this is not a gurney, this piece of innovative mastery can perform most if not all the same feats of a gurney without the exorbitant cost.

Senior Solutions is not a franchise company. We are family owned, and our experience, compassion, and quality of care are at a higher level because of our personal touch. We are here to serve you when you need us. Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. All of our caregivers are thoroughly screened, insured, and bonded. They’re also our employees, meaning that we handle all the details: taxes, insurance, and backup support whenever it’s needed.

We use a Care Managed Approach. You and your family will have access to geriatric care managers and senior advisers who will become part of your care team. We can coordinate with your doctors, specialists, and other professionals. At Senior Solutions Home Care, we take pride in our leadership team and all that they do for our company. Our leaders are trained in all aspects of our business and are constantly educating themselves on the healthcare and home care industries as a whole.

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