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Personal Emergency Response Systems

Few things are scarier than the thought of facing an emergency when you are home alone! At Senior Solutions, we believe you should be able to relax at home knowing that someone has your back in a crisis.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems

We provide a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) service through our partners at Guardian Medical Monitoring, allowing you to access emergency help with just the touch of a button on your watch or pendant.

We handle the installation of your PERS unit and gather your essential emergency contact and home access information at the very beginning, ensuring that we keep everyone safe and informed when emergencies happen.



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How It Works:

If you have an emergency in your home, push the button on your watch or pendant, and an operator will speak to you. If you do not respond, they will send emergency personnel to check on you and will update your emergency contacts.

Some other perks of your PERS unit include:

Our PERS company has employees available 24/7 to receive your calls and dispatch emergency help to your home.

In the case of an emergency, the PERS team will inform your emergency contacts about what is going on; at Senior Solutions, we also receive and respond to daily reports from your emergency calls.

Your PERS will work any time you are within a 1300 square foot radius of your home!

Your PERS is waterproof, so you can wear your watch or pendant at any time, even while you bathe.

Change in Condition/COVID Status Monitoring

Through our scheduling software and caregiver apps, Senior Solutions can monitor your health and any changes in condition that you experience! Whether it’s a recent fall or your emotional health seems different from usual, our caregivers can list their concerns when they clock in and out of their visit.

How does this help?

  • Our on-staff nurses and Quality Assurance Team will know if you require additional help.
  • Every caregiver who visits you will know what you need and how you have been doing.
  • The automated questions include COVID-19 screeners, helping us keep our clients and our staff as healthy as possible!

Family Room

The family room is traditionally a place where family members gather to talk. At Senior Solutions Home Care, we offer a virtual “Family Room,” where loved ones can communicate in one centralized application about their loved one’s care.

Members can view schedules, see care and safety recommendations, and more. This app opens a direct line of communication among caregivers, clients, and loved ones. Keeping your family members safe and healthy is now more efficient than ever!

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