Care Management Solutions

Senior Solutions Care Managers are professionally trained to work with older and chronically ill adults, as well as their families.

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Our Care Managers

Our Care Managers are experienced advocates, capable of managing complex situations and finding solutions for all of your care needs.

Our Care Managers become a part of your care team.

Senior Solutions Care Managers conduct an in-home assessment, develop a plan for providing care, and offer recommendations to improve home safety, well-being, and quality of life for your loved one. Our Care Managers are trained to implement the plan of care, oversee in-home caregivers, and coordinate your loved one’s medical care. For long-distance relatives, a Care Manager can be your local eyes and ears on the home situation, keeping you informed and involved as a loved one and/or decision maker.

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Annual, Semi-Annual, or Quarterly Evaluations to assess and recommend services
Extensive in-home visits to address problems and monitor services
Long-term care insurance filing and coordination
Companionship and advocacy for client during important medical appointments
Coordination with family to provide education and support during the aging process

Adding Years to Life and Life to Years

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How We Train Caregivers