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Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer fever catches all of us as the leaves turn green and the sun stays out later every day. With kids on summer break and


7 Tips for Securing Senior Independence

Seniors have spent several decades building a life and a home that matters to them, raising children, pursuing careers, traveling the world, and saving money


Recognizing & Preventing Elder Abuse

If you care for a senior, you know that speaking up for their safety is so important! Unfortunately, many seniors suffer abuse from people who


Seniors: Why Blood Donations Matter

When you think about survival, what comes to mind? Do you think of oxygen? Food? Shelter? Love? Did you consider your healthy blood supply? Most


Dental Health for Seniors

Many seniors begin to neglect tooth and gum health as they age, especially those who wear dentures! However, especially for seniors who suffer from other


Finding Community Activities For Seniors

We all know that remaining both physically and mentally active can help our minds, bodies, and spirits remain healthy as we age, and despite popular


Women’s Health For Seniors

When it comes to chronic health conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, or osteoporosis, senior women face a higher likelihood of problems than senior

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