5 Mental Health Tips for Seniors and Their Caregivers


Mental health is a key health factor that many people overlook. Whether you’re a senior struggling to adjust to life changes or a family caregiver who feels overwhelmed, don’t be ashamed of what you’re feeling; pay attention to your mental health before it becomes a bigger problem and hurts other parts of your health! To […]

Physical Fitness and Exercise: 6 Tips for Seniors


Are aching muscles, joints, and other pains getting you down? Believe it or not, your pains might be telling you that you need more exercise in your life! Most seniors live a sedentary lifestyle, staying at home and sticking to leisure activities. While it makes sense for seniors to be careful as their muscles and […]

6 Tips for a Senior-Friendly Meal Plan


Meal planning can be a stressful activity for many people, especially if their changing health means they need to learn a new way to eat! For seniors, their body and appetite are changing from what they are used to, making it harder for them to eat enough of the nutrients they need in order to […]

Staying Connected with Your Long-Distance Parent


They say “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” but it certainly doesn’t make it easy to deal with missing your loved ones. Especially for seniors who live alone, they may be at a higher risk for depression if their loved ones live too far away to spend time with them. Do you live hundreds of miles away […]

The True Cost of In-Home Senior Care


Introduction: Most people recognize that they will likely need some extra care as they age, but very few people know the cost of senior care and the different types that are available. The first type that most people think of is nursing home or assisted living care, but unfortunately, many seniors do not feel like this option’s […]

Why Do Seniors Still Need Vaccines?


In the first weeks, months, and years of a child’s life, they spend a lot of their time in doctors’ offices getting their required shots before they can go to school. After their early years, most teenagers and adults forget that some vaccines need to be updated throughout the rest of their lives in order […]

Senior Solutions Wins Inc. 5000 For The Third Year in a Row!


On August 12, 2020, Senior Solutions Home Care was honored for the third year in a row on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately owned companies in the United States. Ranking at #2311 nationally, Senior Solutions is proud to be recognized amongst other companies that have found creative solutions to maintain revenue growth over […]

5 Ways to Help Seniors Cope With Grief and Loss


Introduction Loss is a normal part of human life, but that doesn’t make the process any easier when it happens. Losing loved ones becomes a heartbreaking normality for many seniors, with the average life expectancy in the United States landing at 78.6 years (CDC). This means losing their spouses after decades of marriage. This includes saying goodbye […]

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors


Summer fever catches all of us as the leaves turn green and the sun stays out later every day. With kids on summer break and slower work schedules, many families like to plan their travels for the summer. However, summer vacations aren’t always possible for seniors who live on a fixed budget or struggle with […]

7 Tips for Securing Senior Independence


Seniors have spent several decades building a life and a home that matters to them, raising children, pursuing careers, traveling the world, and saving money for retirement. In other words, they’ve lived and made decisions independently for longer than they can remember. It makes sense why many seniors become especially frustrated as they age and […]

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