July 16, 2020

Fun Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer fever catches all of us as the leaves turn green and the sun stays out later every day. With kids on summer break and slower work schedules, many families like to plan their travels for the summer. However, summer vacations aren’t always possible for seniors who live on a fixed budget or struggle with mobility. What can seniors and others do if they want to get into the summer vacation mood without leaving their backyard? Check out our fun summer activities for seniors. Get ready to have some stay-at-home fun!

Plan a “Vacation From Home”!

Travel is always exciting! We totally recommend it if you feel safe and secure, but vacationing from home can be just as exciting. Lots of articles share ideas for “staycation” fun that work for a variety of age groups. We think the best cure to vacation blues is a true vacation from home! 

Check out our step-by-step guide to planning the perfect staycation destination:

  1. Think of somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. We’ll use Paris as an example.
  2. Do your research! What do they eat and drink there? What kind of music do they listen to? What do they wear? What are some good conversational phrases?
  3. Pick the day that you want to dedicate to your home-based Paris trip.
  4. It’s “vacation” day! Dress up in your vacation outfit. Try out that croissant recipe you’ve practiced. Play the movie Midnight in Paris or a song by Édith Piaf in the background.
  5. Bonjour et bon appétit!

Vacations from home teach you more about your dream destinations, and sometimes, they’re more fun than real trips because they are so hands-on! No matter where you decide to travel from your couch, your vacation from home is sure to be a great memory for you and your family.

Get creative with arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts are a great addition to summer activities for older adults. Several studies have concluded that art therapy helps seniors who struggle with Parkinson’s, dementia, and depression. They also note that many seniors become more imaginative and creative as they age, and art serves as a great outlet for them (Today’s Geriatric Medicine).

Some of the best art projects for seniors include:

  • Creating a scrapbook with their grandchildren’s photos
  • Painting a landscape of their backyard
  • Sketching or taking photos of their pets
  • Listening to music and drawing whatever comes to mind

Art relieves the stresses of daily life and can be done in almost any setting, which makes it the perfect summer vacation activity. Time to pick up a paintbrush and get creative!

For more on community activities: “Finding Community Activities for Seniors” Blog

Go for a walk.

Walking holds many benefits for people of all ages, but especially benefits seniors who need manageable exercise routines. According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking improves circulation and joint health, boosts your mood, and lengthens your life expectancy. On a cool summer evening, take a walk around your block with a friend or do some people watching and house hunting. Walking is also a great social distancing activity for the summer, helping you to stay safe and healthy while you stay active. For many who struggle with loneliness and mental health, a walk gives them exactly what they need to start fresh! 

Enjoy family time!

Laughing, playing games, and telling stories with family can happen on a cruise ship or in the living room! We think spending time with family is the perfect summer activity, because there are so many things you can do together indoors and outdoors. If your family lives nearby, invite them over for a barbecue or spend time telling family stories around a backyard fire. If your family lives further away, use Skype or FaceTime technology to show them how you’re enjoying your summer! 

For more on family activities: “Celebrate National Grandparents Day” Blog 


All of these summer fun activities can be enjoyed while you’re home alone. However, many seniors crave companionship as they age and their family lives in different states. Are you interested in finding someone to enjoy summer activities with your loved one? Contact us today to learn more about how caregivers can enrich the social lives and mental health of the seniors in their care. 

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