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Becoming a Professional Caregiver

Choosing a career path can be tough, and unless you actively pursue something you love, your career might choose you! At Senior Solutions, we love what we do because we care for people who struggle to care for themselves. We honestly can’t think of a better purpose to fulfill through our careers! Do you like the idea, but you’re not sure if caregiving is for you? Here are some of our top reasons for becoming a professional caregiver!

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 You are compassionate.

Would your friends and family describe you as a giver, someone who really cares about people? Perhaps you’ve taken an Enneagram personality test that labeled you as a helper. Maybe you really enjoy community service and volunteering. If any of those sound like you, you may have the compassion necessary to become a professional caregiver! Caregivers spend their careers caring for the needs of others, often sacrificing their own wants and free time to help someone else. It’s not an easy job, but it’s a rewarding job for people who CARE like you! 

Takeaway: Caring people care for people!

You are active.

If you have never wanted an office job, then professional caregiving might be the path for you! Caregivers work in the homes of their clients, meaning they get to travel to different locations and never have to sit in one place for too long. Caregivers are always on the go, helping their clients with anything they might need around their house or community.

Another Plus: Your job might include taking a client to fun events and errands around town!

You love a good support system.

Although your job takes you out into the field alone, you are never really alone as a professional caregiver! When we’ve spoken to caregivers at Senior Solutions, we often hear the following:

  • “I love my client! They have become one of the most important people in my life.”
  • “My clients’ family treats me like family. I feel so loved!”

Beyond the relationships that you build with clients and their families, you also have the opportunity to build relationships with office staff and other caregivers. We created an employee Facebook group to form these relationships, and often hear how much our caregivers appreciate the opportunity to connect with others who understand them!

Pro Tip: If you already work for Senior Solutions, request to join our Facebook Employee Group!

You are independent.

With a company like Senior Solutions that provides care 24 hours a day, you can set a unique schedule that fits your needs! Whether you prefer a typical 9 to 5 workday or something different, here are some of the perks of a caregiver’s customizable schedule:

  • You can set your schedule to work around other jobs or child care commitments.
  • You can avoid peak traffic times when travelling to and from work!
  • You have the freedom to work part-time, full-time, and anywhere in between.
  • You can pick up extra shifts at nearly any time of the day or week!

Fun Fact: As a professional caregiver, you are the face of an entire company for the clients you meet!

Have these job qualities interested you? If all of these traits sound like you or something you aspire to be, we’d love to have you join our family! Click the link below to start the application process and help us “add years to life and life to years” today!

Click here if you are interested in a caregiving career

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