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Aging Costs to Consider and Tips to Save Money

Are you or a loved one planning for retirement, but not really sure what you will need? Are you already retired and constantly worry about making ends meet? As we age, we encounter new and unexpected expenses that can affect how comfortably we live. At Senior Solutions, we believe that you can only “add years to life and life to years” if you learn what to expect in your later years of life! Are you interested in learning about some of the hidden costs of aging? Check out our aging costs to consider and tips to save money that we have discovered:

Home Maintenance

  • If you own a home, taking care of it becomes more difficult and expensive as you grow older. This could be for several reasons, such as:
    • Limited mobility or health issues make it harder for you to do daily chores and repairs. Yard work can become especially difficult as you grow older! You might need to hire someone to help you accomplish these activities that you could once do alone.
    • Your home might require some accessible renovations, such as a wheelchair ramp or walk-in bathtub, as you get older.
    • Your home is also getting older and needs more repairs. As the frequency of repairs increases, your bills might go up unexpectedly too.
    • Since you likely spend more time in your home now, certain costs like heating and electricity are likely to rise as well.
  • These costs can really add up; however, there are options available if you need some extra financial assistance! For low-income individuals who live in rural areas, the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers Rural Repair and Rehabilitation Grants to assist you in making repairs and accessible renovations to your home. Many programs also exist to help veterans and other special interest groups!

Food and Nutrition

  • Seniors might eat less now than when they were younger, but that doesn’t make food and nutrition any less expensive! For instance:
    • You might require a special diet now that costs more money to maintain. It is definitely possible to eat on a budget when it comes to heart health, diabetes, and other health conditions, but it’s still no easy task!
    • You might go out to eat more. Whether that’s because you no longer have a big family around to eat your home cooked meals, you struggle around the kitchen, or you simply want the social experience, it makes sense that many people enjoy eating out as they age!

Are you interested in a nutrition plan that will help you to stay healthy and on a set budget? Check out Senior Solutions Nutrition here.


  • As you age, you might need to hang up the keys and find other modes of transportation. Driving and transportation services are another cost that people don’t always consider, but the service is an important part of keeping seniors safe as they go to their doctor’s appointments and engage with their community.

Do you or a loved one think it’s time to find another mode of transportation? Check out Senior Solutions Transportation here.


  • Many seniors expect to pay more for healthcare as they grow older, but that doesn’t make the costs any less shocking when they arise. Some of these costs could include the cost of dentures and dental work, hearing aids, and eye-related surgeries. Beyond some of these more cosmetic expenses, a senior might also need regular care. Some seniors require nursing facilities or assisted living facilities to maintain their quality of life, but these forms of care often have high fees in exchange for the skilled care that they offer. Home care provides an alternative that tends to be more affordable, while also allowing seniors to stay in the comfort of their own homes.

Are you interested in learning more about home care and how home care is different from other kinds of care? Check out our blog about home care basics here.

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