Senior Solutions Nutrition

Our mission is to provide healthy meals that support the nutritional wants and needs of our senior clients. Experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is eating healthy and delicious meals that are dietitian-designed and chef-prepared to ensure the highest level of quality and taste.

Eat Well, Be Well

Are you concerned about a senior loved one and the nutritional support they need? Senior Solutions Nutrition is dedicated to providing healthy, balanced meals and delivering them in the comfort of our clients’ homes. We don’t just offer meals—we offer solutions to bring both nutrition and convenience to you and your loved ones. With home-delivered meal programs and emergency nutritional readiness, we are here to help you alleviate these challenges through our ‘Eat Well, Be Well’ approach.

Our Complete Meal Package includes a variety of nutritious meals delivered weekly to your loved one. Our meals are designed to fit the nutritional needs of each person, ensuring that they are provided with the necessary amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. All of our meals are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, and are delivered frozen in our BPA-free, microwave- and oven-safe containers. In other words, the preparation is easy and the cleanup is almost nonexistent!

Our Menu
Senior Solutions Meal

Our Meals

All of our meals contain everything that is needed for a senior’s healthy and nutritious meal—side items and condiments included!

All of our meals are made with the best possible ingredients to ensure maximum nutritional value and quality.

All of our meals are delivered to senior citizens in the comfort of their own homes. Our employees bring your meals directly into your kitchen to ensure that they’re being stored properly. Each of our meals are frozen in BPA-free, microwave- and oven-safe containers, making the preparation quick and easy.

All of our meals are chef-crafted and contain a wide variety of culinary tastes and flavors. We do this to ensure that our menus meet the needs and preferences of everyone, providing healthy food that tastes delicious to all of our clients.

How It Works