Caring Companionship

Having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier life and provides our clients with something to look forward to. Senior Solutions at Home’s caring companionship services cover anything from conversation, eating a meal together or just having someone in the home to visit.

What are the companion solutions that Senior Solutions Home Care provides?

Rita needs extra help around the house

Rita Camper lives alone in an independent living community for elderly or disabled. When we received the call from their social worker that she needed extra help around the house and with personal care, we went out and met with her. Rita is legally blind and has arthritis to a degree that makes daily living activities difficult for her. Her son is a sheriff’s deputy at the local sheriff’s department and she stated that she was tired of him having deputies come check on her during the day. She said her neighbors were beginning to think she was involved in criminal activity.

Shortly after our visit, we were able to get a payer source in place and started servicing her 12 hours a week, helping her take a shower and taking her to the grocery or to the local salvation army where she loves to shop for good deals. After we had been servicing her for several months, she received the opportunity to get a cornea transplant. We transported her to Nashville, stayed with her for over 24 hours throughout the process and brought her back home.

Caring for her has been a joy. And being part of getting her eyesight was a remarkable experience. To this day, we still see her 12 hours a week and enjoy every minute we spend helping her.

Randal needs help managing his medication

Randal Hall is a 66 year old, former preacher that requires service everyday. He lives alone in a small house several miles outside the city. Without us, Randal would not be able to manage his medication correctly, or have the opportunity to go get groceries and things he needs from the city.

Randal is the absolute sweetest man who doesn’t have much, but would give you the shirt off his back. He is always calling to say thank you for all the support and help we provide him. Each time someone comes to see him, before they can leave, he prays for God to keep you safe on your travels and he gives the best hugs!

Randal depends on us to survive, and we depend on him to help remind us why we do this job! He is incredible and has changed all of our lives since we started caring for him!