Senior Flower Partners

Senior Flower Partners™, founded by Kunu Kaushal, is a cooperative program of numerous businesses devoted to providing high-quality services and care to elders in our communities. Some of these companies focus directly on providing care, while some offer advice and referrals regarding alternative living facilities for seniors and the disabled. Others provide a variety of goods and services — including beautiful flowers!

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Before Senior Flower Partners™, Kunu Kaushal first founded Senior Solutions, so as to grant seniors the ability to age gracefully in their own home. Senior Solutions provides care to elders and others who need support for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), without forcing them to leave environments they find familiar and comforting.

Soon after he founded Senior Solutions, Kunu realized that many of his clients had once been lifelong gardeners, and were now unable to participate in that activity due to aging and mobility setbacks. Senior Flower Partners™ was conceived as a solution because it can and does bring the joy of flowers to as large of a population as possible.

Kunu knew that he could not possibly make Senior Flower Partners™ happen by himself, even with the help of his passionate group of Caregivers and Home Care Professionals at Senior Solutions. So, to fulfill his goals for the program, Kunu invited other businesses and service providers to join in his mission. Very quickly, organizations began calling Kunu eager to participate! Kunu Kaushal and Senior Solutions Home Care now look forward to working with each and every one of our numerous partners.

We are delighted that while some of the participating organizations are Senior Solutions’ competitors in the marketplace when it comes to Senior Flower Partners™, we are all on the same team. After all, we are all working towards the same goal, which is to improve the lives of seniors in our community!

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We’re always looking for additional partners to join us! If you’d like to contribute or learn more information, please e-mail us at