Why Do Seniors Still Need Vaccines?


Why Do Seniors Still Need Vaccines? In the first weeks, months, and years of a child’s life, they spend a lot of their time in doctors’ offices getting their required shots before they can go to school. After their early years, most teenagers and adults forget that some vaccines need to be updated [...]

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Dental Health for Seniors


Dental Health for Seniors Many seniors begin to neglect tooth and gum health as they age, especially those who wear dentures! However, especially for seniors who suffer from other health problems, proper dental hygiene remains key to total health. What can you do to maintain dental health for seniors? Check out some of [...]

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Women’s Health For Seniors


Women's Health For Seniors When it comes to chronic health conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, or osteoporosis, senior women face a higher likelihood of problems than senior men. In fact, a recent study found that senior women are also more likely to develop multiple health problems, including both cognitive and physical [...]