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Finding Community Activities For Seniors


Finding Community Activities For Seniors We all know that remaining both physically and mentally active can help our minds, bodies, and spirits remain healthy as we age, and despite popular belief, there are plenty of ways in which to do so! The hard part is actually gaining the courage to get ourselves out [...]

Finding Community Activities For Seniors2020-05-26T21:14:03-05:00

How Does Home Care Help?


How Does Home Care Help? Whether for a senior or a senior’s family member, transitioning into an assisted lifestyle or home care never comes easy. In fact, deciding where to begin can overwhelm many seniors and their families. After all, moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home is not only expensive, but [...]

How Does Home Care Help?2020-02-12T21:28:32-06:00

A Senior’s Guide To Glaucoma


A Senior’s Guide To Glaucoma Glaucoma can affect anyone, no matter their age or background, so learning the warning signs and treatment options is so important. Check out what we've developed as a senior's guide to glaucoma–we want to be a resource for you! For more information on how we can help seniors with [...]

A Senior’s Guide To Glaucoma2020-01-02T17:10:24-06:00

Warning Signs For Stroke


Warning Signs For Stroke A stroke occurs when blood cannot reach the brain, preventing brain tissue from getting the oxygen and nutrients necessary for its survival. Within minutes of suffering from a stroke, a person’s brain cells begin to die, which is why it is extremely important that proper steps be taken to get [...]

Warning Signs For Stroke2019-12-27T21:38:03-06:00